How Erectile Dysfunction Occurs In Men

I’m going to speak to you about how ED or erectile dysfunction occurs. Erectile dysfunction is a common condition, and it affects about half of men starting at age fifty, and it increases from there to about 90% of men by age ninety. In fact, it even affects some men in their forties. Although in a small number of cases there is a psychological factor, in the majority of cases it is a medical, physical condition, and it can be helped.

An erection is a physiological event, where there’s a signal from the brain triggers blood to flow into the penis. The penis fills with blood and then it traps the blood so that it becomes firmer and harder until there’s an erection that is satisfactory hard for penetration for intercourse. ED is a problem anywhere along that pathway.

First, a signal arises from the brain. It’s important to have a desire for sex. And testosterone at normal levels allows for that desire. Then the nerve pathways leading from the brain down to the penis must all be intact; that is the spinal cord as well as nerves that run through the pelvis, as well as nerves within the penis itself. Those nerves release chemicals that cause the blood vessels entering the penis to open up and allow more blood to flow through. That then enters a special type of a spongy space within the body of the penis, which is actually a fine matrix of smooth muscles and blood vessel like linings that are soft and compliant. And the signal makes them become even softer so that they can fill up with blood expanding the size of the penis. And then the blood gets trapped, and so as more blood flows in, the penis becomes firmer, much like pumping up a bicycle tire. That’s the normal erection.

ED is a break down somewhere along that pathway. If a man’s testosterone level is too low, he may not have a desire to start the whole process. If he’s had a spinal cord injury or injury to the nerves of his pelvis from a previous surgery, particularly a prostate cancer surgery, then the signal can’t get to the penis.

So what can do men, who have erectile dysfunction? How can they treat this unpleasant condition naturally? Well, I have got an answer for you. If you suffer from ED, you can take male sex enhancement supplements in the form of pills. These tablets usually contain herbs, vitamin, minerals, and amino acids that will improve your blood circulation thus improving your erections.

The Relations Between Sperm Volume and Fertilization

As a kid, we learn in school that pregnancy happens when the sperm reaches the eggs in female ovaries. But what is exactly happening to the egg and the sperm that it creates a baby? There are so many sperms swimming to the egg at the time of semen being ejaculated by the penis into the vagina? Even so, every man releases a different amount of sperm volume when they ejaculate. In doing so, we are here to explain to you the relations between sperm size and fertilization in the human body.


The relations


In all actuality, there are no real relationships between the volume of the sperm and fertilization. It only takes one spermatozoid to fertilize an egg among the millions of sperm being released in a single ejaculation. Technically, there are around forty million up to six hundred million of sperm in one ejaculation. But, only one gets to fertilize the egg and becomes a baby. If we are looking for the relations, it might be that the more sperm men release, the more chance for a baby to form. But actually, there is no specific number of sperm volume that can guarantee fertilization.


All About the Sperm


Sperm acts in a very specific way with a particular characteristic. Sperms are fast swimmers as they can reach the ovaries in just ninety seconds. They can even fertilize the egg in women’s ovaries in just five minutes, according to Other than, they can live up to three days inside women’s ovaries. So if you are trying to avoid being pregnant, try to clean your genitals after every intercourse. Sperm can even exist in the pre-ejaculation liquid. Therefore, you should actually use condoms if you really are attempting to avoid pregnancy.


The Nature of the Sperm


According to research, not all sperm are created equals. Some of them are stronger and able to swim faster than the other. Therefore, some of them have a higher rate of fertilization the others. According to research, sperm comes in fractions when being ejaculated. The first fraction of sperm tends to be stronger and faster. Therefore, they have a higher fertilization rate than the second portion of sperm. It is not to say that the second fraction is not able to fertilize. They just are weaker and have a lower rate of fertilization. Thus, you should make sure that all the fraction enter the fallopian tube if you want to be pregnant.

How To Last Longer In Bed

I want to do a test: if you feel that your arousal level is higher than you want, start focusing on your breathing and start to take slow deep breaths. I can promise you that this will lower your arousal level and give you more control.

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Remember to reach the point in your arousal just before you start to lose control. You can now do the same thing but also use your breaths to control your excitement. At first, you may still need to stop all stimulation but with time you’ll be able to actually control your arousal level only by controlling your breathing.

And among other things, you can do the same technique during intercourse also. It is not bad to concentrate on your breathing and take deep breaths during intercourse. It will undoubtedly help you to last longer in bed, and your women might think that it is sexy, especially when she understands that you are in control, and you are present in the moment.

If you are afraid that she may think that you are doing something a little strange, why don’t you tell her what you are trying to achieve with this program? Here’s how I would bring up the subject if I were you don’t tell her that you are only doing it for her. It puts all the pressure on her shoulders. Tell her that you have a goal for yourself. That you want to become able to fully control your ejaculations and your orgasms. Tell her that you do it for you in the first place.

You wish to grow as men and become the master. Then you get also tell her that you wish to become a better lover to be able to fully satisfy her. Tell her that this path that you’re on will positively impact your sex life and her sex life as well at the same time.

It will be a lot easier for you to practice and apply techniques you learned during intercourse if you have a support from your partner.

Your homework is to work on your breathing. Learn how focusing on your breathing in performing deep breathing can help you stay in control of your arousal.

Common Causes Of Female Sexual Dysfunctions

Female sexual dysfunction can be the most urgent issue for a few ladies. This sort of issue will influence numerous viewpoints throughout your life, incorporating your association with your accomplice. The awful sex experience can bring unwanted problems in couple’s relationship. A study in the US demonstrates that there are 36% of ladies at 30 years old and 70 who have the low sexual longing. Also, 8% of them have the low sex drive that will make them baffled. Much the same as ladies, men likewise have an issue in the low moxie level. It’s likewise said that 10% of men at the age of 40-50 have the sexual brokenness issue. What are the causes of female sexual dysfunctions? In this article, I’ll give you some popular causes of sexual dysfunction in women.

Pills to control conception

Conception prevention pills are observed to be the reason for low sex drive in ladies. A few explores demonstrate that the contraception pills can decrease the free testosterone level. The lessened free testosterone level is typically connected with the sexual yearning issue. Yet, this issue is still battered by a few specialists. There’re a few specialists who trust that the control conception pills don’t have any connection with the low sex drive in ladies.


It’s said that the estrogen levels in ladies will be definitely diminished when ladies confront the menopause period. This will bring the dryness in your vagina. It can likewise bring the torment while you’re engaging in sexual relations. These things can lead you to low sex desire. A study uncovers that the 52% ladies who had confronted menopause would have the low sexual drive. It’s evaluated that 16 million ladies at 50 and more established will have the low sex drive. This low sex drive is the sign of the sexual dysfunction.

Physiological issues

In case you’re having some terrible physiological issues, you have more conceivable outcomes to get low sex drive. For a few ladies, there are numerous things that will make them distressing, for example, keeping up the family unit, budgetary issue, and difficulty to have a baby. These things will bring about the low sex drive for you. The injury in your past can likewise influence your sexual craving. The terrible sexual involvement in past can make you have the low sex drive.

Other physical problems

Women sexual dysfunction can also be caused by some different physical issues. Your medical conditions will also affect your sexual function. If you have a certain disease like diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalances, neurological diseases, you’ll have more opportunity to get sexual dysfunction. The serious disease like liver failure, kidney disease, and drug abuse will affect your overall sexual function as well. You also need to consider some side effects from certain medications like antidepressant drugs, that will result in sexual dysfunction.

If you want to cure your sexual dysfunction, we can recommend you taking female sex drive pill.

Ideal Penis Size In 10 Different Countries

In this article, I want to discuss perceived average and ideal penis size in ten different countries.

The United Kingdom has the smallest expectations. But, I think it’s really interesting, the US is interesting because like they’re right in the middle of average penis length but, the difference between the average and the ideal is the greatest. It’s probably a porn thing, probably also like a masculinity complex sort of thing as well. And look, this does not mean that the average size is that size in those countries necessarily. Just that’s the perception of what it should be. But yeah, different countries cast men to be in porn for different things. In some countries culturally, they want men that look like just regular men. They like the idea of being able to put themselves into the place of the performer. In some countries, I think one of the reasons that Asian countries have the ideas that they’re smaller is, I think they specifically choose men that are smaller. And that other cultures see that and think they are smaller when it’s not represented necessarily. We choose in this country. We have, at any given time, five straight male performers that are chosen specifically because they are gigantic and also able to pump any number of chemicals into their body for performance purposes and so we think that’s normal what we see in the videos.

I think porn definitely comes into play, I also think, and I can’t speak to a lot of the other countries and the way their media portrays penis size, but I know at least in the United States, penis size is totally tied in with your masculinity and how manly you are and things like that. And so maybe people, they think that the ideal length is much larger than it is because for some reason we tie in those personality traits and who you are as a human based on the size of one of your appendages. Do you know what I mean? So maybe that explains some of that as well, and I wonder if the other countries on this list also have their media portray penis length in those ways.

Anyway, if the penis size is important for you or your partner, you can enlarge it in a natural way using simple techniques of supplements, or both. Herbal formula can stimulate your penis tissues to grow both in length and width, but you will need time to see the gains. 1 inches in two months, but you can speed up the process if you use penis enhancement exercises called Jelqing and Kegels. Please read reviews and testimonials before buying any penis pills.

It used to be the opposite. It used to be that a big penis was thought that you’re like a subhuman. Like that there’s something wrong with you. You’re like an elephant or something. But like a refined man would have a smaller penis. And I’m going to blame feminism for this because…I’m kidding. But why do you think we’re worried now about being bigger? Because it’s objectively better for the men? No, men with a small penis enjoy it just as much. The idea is that you will only satisfy a woman if you have a bigger penis. So all of this crisis about penis size is about fears of not satisfying women. So women are to blame. Back in the day, we used not to care whether you enjoyed it or not. And we were much more comfortable then.

So there are two problems with that analysis. One being that majority of woman don’t cum from penetration alone, so size really doesn’t matter. So the second point is that they looked in the same survey and they asked women how important penis size actually was to them, and the only 11% said that it was important. The rest of them said they don’t really care; it’s somewhat important but not crucial. I feel like the way that man perceive women. Women are under any impressions at all for their body parts. Well, let’s talk about breasts. How many guys think big boobs are important? That’s a huge percentage. If you’re putting unnecessarily physical expectations on people and saying that’s what they should be judged by, that’s wrong. I don’t think penis size matters, and I don’t think your boob size should matter. Like I don’t think any of that should matter. I think it’s based on your personality and your chemistry.

Testosterone Is Important For Men

It is important to have healthy testosterone levels. Testosterone is the hormone of men’s health, and it’s also associated with libido. You can’t have a libido; you can’t have a healthy heart, you can’t have a healthy brain, you can’t have strong motivation – all these things for a man have to do with testosterone. So increasing testosterone levels is so cute.

Some doctors recommend using testosterone cream. Steroid creams cause your testicles to start shrinking. You don’t want the take testosterone; you want to make testosterone. And so Tongkat Ali is a herb that stimulates your body, stimulates the brain to send a message down south to make testosterone.

And so I’m now in the sixties when I was 58I had my testosterone levels tested, and they were 25% higher, than when I was in my thirties. And I know why they made that jump is because I felt the difference as well. I was taking Tongkat Ali along with my basic wellness solution. I don’t do it every day, I just did it for a little while, got my testosterone levels up, as long as I’m interested in having sex every other day. Boom, I know I’ve got healthy testosterone. And the key here is I’m interested in having sex with my wife every other day. That’s I knowing I’m at my healthy testosterone levels.

The average male has half the testosterone at 50, and here I am at 60 with 25% more testosterone than I had when I was a young man. I know why that happened, I have my basic wellness solution that I talked about and most of my solutions here for help. That’s your foundation to lower stress in your life, to get your brain working better, then your body makes healthy hormones, in a man makes testosterone his whole life. And in indigenous cultures, men’s testosterone levels stay the same all the way from adolescence, all the way through their life. And the Western society goes down. We can do better; we can bring it back up, we just need a little help.

And why do we need that help, well, what is happening is our environment is filled with what is called xenoestrogens, and our meats and our chicken are full of the hormone estrogen that fattened up the animals. So we see these excess estrogens in soy and so many things. And they feed soy to the cattle; soy is very high in estrogen. So all this high estrogen suppresses testosterone in men. So we have to do is try to have less of those sources of estrogen in our life, but do something that boosts our testosterone level, and that will then increase our libido, increase erections, allows us to sustain erections.

Testosteron is responsible for your male sexual functions, so it’s critically important to increase its levels in your body. Male enhancement pills are also helpful for those men, who feel the lack of desire and low erection hardness. Vig Rx Plus is a recommended male enhancement supplement that works for every man.