Ideal Penis Size In 10 Different Countries

In this article, I want to discuss perceived average and ideal penis size in ten different countries.

The United Kingdom has the smallest expectations. But, I think it’s really interesting, the US is interesting because like they’re right in the middle of average penis length but, the difference between the average and the ideal is the greatest. It’s probably a porn thing, probably also like a masculinity complex sort of thing as well. And look, this does not mean that the average size is that size in those countries necessarily. Just that’s the perception of what it should be. But yeah, different countries cast men to be in porn for different things. In some countries culturally, they want men that look like just regular men. They like the idea of being able to put themselves into the place of the performer. In some countries, I think one of the reasons that Asian countries have the ideas that they’re smaller is, I think they specifically choose men that are smaller. And that other cultures see that and think they are smaller when it’s not represented necessarily. We choose in this country. We have, at any given time, five straight male performers that are chosen specifically because they are gigantic and also able to pump any number of chemicals into their body for performance purposes and so we think that’s normal what we see in the videos.

I think porn definitely comes into play, I also think, and I can’t speak to a lot of the other countries and the way their media portrays penis size, but I know at least in the United States, penis size is totally tied in with your masculinity and how manly you are and things like that. And so maybe people, they think that the ideal length is much larger than it is because for some reason we tie in those personality traits and who you are as a human based on the size of one of your appendages. Do you know what I mean? So maybe that explains some of that as well, and I wonder if the other countries on this list also have their media portray penis length in those ways.

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It used to be the opposite. It used to be that a big penis was thought that you’re like a subhuman. Like that there’s something wrong with you. You’re like an elephant or something. But like a refined man would have a smaller penis. And I’m going to blame feminism for this becauseā€¦I’m kidding. But why do you think we’re worried now about being bigger? Because it’s objectively better for the men? No, men with a small penis enjoy it just as much. The idea is that you will only satisfy a woman if you have a bigger penis. So all of this crisis about penis size is about fears of not satisfying women. So women are to blame. Back in the day, we used not to care whether you enjoyed it or not. And we were much more comfortable then.

So there are two problems with that analysis. One being that majority of woman don’t cum from penetration alone, so size really doesn’t matter. So the second point is that they looked in the same survey and they asked women how important penis size actually was to them, and the only 11% said that it was important. The rest of them said they don’t really care; it’s somewhat important but not crucial. I feel like the way that man perceive women. Women are under any impressions at all for their body parts. Well, let’s talk about breasts. How many guys think big boobs are important? That’s a huge percentage. If you’re putting unnecessarily physical expectations on people and saying that’s what they should be judged by, that’s wrong. I don’t think penis size matters, and I don’t think your boob size should matter. Like I don’t think any of that should matter. I think it’s based on your personality and your chemistry.