Testosterone Is Important For Men

It is important to have healthy testosterone levels. Testosterone is the hormone of men’s health, and it’s also associated with libido. You can’t have a libido; you can’t have a healthy heart, you can’t have a healthy brain, you can’t have strong motivation – all these things for a man have to do with testosterone. So increasing testosterone levels is so cute.

Some doctors recommend using testosterone cream. Steroid creams cause your testicles to start shrinking. You don’t want the take testosterone; you want to make testosterone. And so Tongkat Ali is a herb that stimulates your body, stimulates the brain to send a message down south to make testosterone.

And so I’m now in the sixties when I was 58I had my testosterone levels tested, and they were 25% higher, than when I was in my thirties. And I know why they made that jump is because I felt the difference as well. I was taking Tongkat Ali along with my basic wellness solution. I don’t do it every day, I just did it for a little while, got my testosterone levels up, as long as I’m interested in having sex every other day. Boom, I know I’ve got healthy testosterone. And the key here is I’m interested in having sex with my wife every other day. That’s I knowing I’m at my healthy testosterone levels.

The average male has half the testosterone at 50, and here I am at 60 with 25% more testosterone than I had when I was a young man. I know why that happened, I have my basic wellness solution that I talked about and most of my solutions here for help. That’s your foundation to lower stress in your life, to get your brain working better, then your body makes healthy hormones, in a man makes testosterone his whole life. And in indigenous cultures, men’s testosterone levels stay the same all the way from adolescence, all the way through their life. And the Western society goes down. We can do better; we can bring it back up, we just need a little help.

And why do we need that help, well, what is happening is our environment is filled with what is called xenoestrogens, and our meats and our chicken are full of the hormone estrogen that fattened up the animals. So we see these excess estrogens in soy and so many things. And they feed soy to the cattle; soy is very high in estrogen. So all this high estrogen suppresses testosterone in men. So we have to do is try to have less of those sources of estrogen in our life, but do something that boosts our testosterone level, and that will then increase our libido, increase erections, allows us to sustain erections.

Testosteron is responsible for your male sexual functions, so it’s critically important to increase its levels in your body. Male enhancement pills are also helpful for those men, who feel the lack of desire and low erection hardness. Vig Rx Plus is a recommended male enhancement supplement that works for every man.